XLF Bulls Defend Neckline, At Resistance – Risk Of Double-Top

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The House pushed through a bill last Thursday aiming at getting rid of many of the Dodd-Frank reforms implemented post-Great Recession. The bill probably does not pass the Senate, but the very idea of less/lax regulations lit a fire under … Continued

After Massive Post-Election Rally, XLF Stalls – Risk Of Double Top/Head-And-Shoulders Completion

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U.S. financials are acting lethargic but they have so far managed to cling on to potentially crucial support. Post-presidential election last November, a fire was lit under U.S. financials. Intraday between November 9 and March 2, XLF, the SPDR financial … Continued

Trump Dangles Carrot In Front Of Yellen – Financials Likely Casualty

Last Wednesday, speaking to the Wall Street Journal President Trump said that the dollar was getting too strong and that it would eventually hurt the U.S. economy.  In the past, he, as well as Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, have made … Continued

Flatter Yield Curve Makes Fed’s Job Harder – Rally In Financials In Limbo

Ten-year Treasury yields are not going along with the Fed’s tightening posture.  This could be because of a technical reason or yields could be sending an ominous message. Yields reached a historic low 1.34 percent last July, and have been … Continued

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