Flatter Yield Curve Makes Fed’s Job Harder – Rally In Financials In Limbo

Ten-year Treasury yields are not going along with the Fed’s tightening posture.  This could be because of a technical reason or yields could be sending an ominous message. Yields reached a historic low 1.34 percent last July, and have been … Continued

CoT: Peek Into Future Through Futures

Following futures positions of non-commercials are as of December 13, 2016. 10-year note: With the Fed this week having raised by 25 basis points the fed funds target rate to a range of 0.5 percent to 0.75 percent, its conventional … Continued

Divergent Price Signal – Prudent To Have One Foot Out The Door

Price is the final arbiter … is an often-quoted axiom in finance.  Has truth in it.  For a trend to establish itself, price has to cooperate.  As long as this continues, there is no use fighting it.  Of course, all … Continued

Infrastructure Spending – Markets Pricing In Too Much Of Good News?

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“…I want to solve health care, jobs, border control, tax reform.” The above quote is from a weekend interview president-elect Donald Trump gave to the Wall Street Journal. The article also talks about his willingness to keep parts of the … Continued

XLF, Rallying Along 2-Year Treasury Yield, Likely To Offer Opportunity To Shorts In Due Course

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The correlation between financials and the two-year Treasury yield is tight.  The latter tends to be sensitive to Fed action. In recent months in particular, the two-year has been on a roller-coaster ride trying to keep up with FOMC members’ … Continued

Risk/Reward Favors S&P 500 Shorts Near- To Medium-Term

The chart below (Chart 1) caused a lot of stir last Friday – across asset classes, primarily in the U.S., and elsewhere. The U.S. economy only added 38,000 non-farm jobs in May, much weaker than expected and the lowest monthly … Continued

Having Rallied To Right Underneath Jan ‘15 Resistance, TLT Looks Tired N/T

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April’s retail sales released last Friday were better than expected – up 1.3 percent month-over-month and up three percent year-over-year.  This was the largest m/m increase since March last year. Yet, the Treasury yield curve flattened in that session, with … Continued

S&P 500 Index: 200-DMA Path Of Least Resistance?

A week ago last Friday, U.S. stocks opened lower reacting to less-than-expected rise in April’s non-farm payroll.  As the session progressed, bids showed up, as traders began to price in lesser odds of a rate hike in June. Turns out … Continued

CoT: Peek Into Future Through Futures

The following are futures positions of non-commercials as of January 12, 2016.  Change is week-over-week. 10-year note: With crude oil tanking the way it has, it is worth taking note that oil does correlate with inflation expectations.  Already, the 10-year … Continued

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